A long day

Well, the day started early.  I wanted to try my hand again at night photography.  This time I let the camera do all the work.  I set it up to take the pictures while I slept.  I really think it does a better job than I do, at least sometimes.

The work began when I got up for the sunrise. I really didn't get the classic sunrise at Monument Valley. It was cloudy every morning. That's the way it works out sometimes. Below are the mittens in the brand new sun.

Sometimes when things don't work out, they still work out ok.

One of the things I wanted to do on this trip was revisit some places I've been before, but wasn't really satisfied with the images I got. I drove over to Page, Arizona and spent some more time in Lower Antelope canyon.

It's really a pretty neat place, and I think that I could easily find new photographs every time I visit.

More to come.

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