Alaska - Day 1

Well, here I am again, in one of my absolute favorite places...Alaska. I'm here to photograph the great Alaskan Brown Bears. I just spent the day on Kodiak Island. I'd been here once before, and never had a chance to really see the island. I'm so glad that I arrived a day early this trip, and that allowed me to see some of the incredible beauty of this place.

The forest along the coast was absolutely magical.

One of the animal species you just naturally think of when you think of Alaska is the bald eagle. I probably saw more bald eagles today than I have in my lifetime. At one location, I saw 62 bald eagles gathered together. I was trying for photos of eagles in flight, and managed to get a few frames, despite not having the right lens with me.

Tomorrow, the flight over to Katmai National Park, and up close and personal encounters with bears! I'll blog more, but probably not until I get back. Internet access is pretty much nonexistent over there. I'm so excited to be here again. It's a nature photographer's dream, along with a trip back to true wilderness. What could be better?

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