The Spring Migration

Spring is always such a great time of year. The woods slowly "wake up", gradually tuirning green again, wildflowers appear, and an annual migration of birds begins. It's always exciting to see what will show up at the bird feeder at this time of year. There are always a few surprises.

One colorful character that I always enjoy seeing is the Rose-breasted Grosbeak. They never seem to stick around for more than a week or so, but they sure supply a splash of color as the leaves begin to appear.


This year we got an extra surprise in a very wet 5" snowfall in May. Winter just doesn't want to let go. This time of year the Goldfinches, which have been here all winter, are regaining their bright colors, and really stand out against the snow.

Another that's been around all winter, but is now here in large numbers is the Pine Siskin.

Unusual for me is this White-throated Sparrow.

But the real treat for me so far this year is this Red-headed Woodpecker. These are pretty rare around my part of the state. It's a bird that used to be extremely common in the state, but as it's preferred habitat, savannah, has disappeared, so have they. I love the spring migration. You just never know what's going to show up.

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